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TriangleTube Staging Boiler Controls

Controls S2S & S3S

Optima Series staging boiler controls link a Prestige boiler with other heat sources such as Solar,

triangletube-c zone

Geothermal, or other boilers.

The Optima S2S controller links a Prestige boiler with another heat source such as Solar, Geothermal, or another Prestige boiler. The S2S stages 2 heat sources to maintain a fixed set point. The S2S can stage the units for either Independent or Consecutive operation and can be enabled remotely.

The Optima S3S controller links a Prestige boiler with up to 2 additional heat sources such as Solar, Geothermal, or other Prestige boilers. The S3S stages 3 heat sources to maintain either a fixed set point or a floating set point based on either an outdoor reset, or a user-defined heating curve. The S3S can stage the units for either a fixed starting stage or automatic rotation and can be enabled remotely.


Optima S2S

  • Two Set Points – Each stage can be set independently for easy set-up.
  • Adjustable Differential to best fit the system.
  • Fixed lead stage or Automatic rotation to equalize run times.
  • Independent or Consecutive Operation

Optima S3S

  • Stage 3 heat sources, or 2 heat sources and a system pump
  • System pump run-on feature to disburse additional heat
  • Fixed set point or Outdoor reset
  • Outdoor cutoff to disable system
  • Fixed lead stage or Automatic rotation to equalize run times.

TriangleTube Modulating Boiler Controls

Controls SCC4 & SCCX6

Optima Series modulating boiler controls link up to 16 Prestige boilers to form an integrated


system with full modulation capability.

The Optima SCC4 is a Modulating Boiler Control which can directly control the boilers’ firing rate to provide a stable system temperature while maximizing fuel savings. The Optima SCC4 uses advanced PID logic to calculate each boiler’s firing rate and quickly adjust to changes in the system without excessive cycling of the boilers. The Optima SCC4 can control up to 4 boilers by itself and can be linked with 1 or 2 Optima SCCX6 controls for a total capacity of up to 16 boilers.

The Optima SCCX6 is a Modulating Boiler Extension Module which can expand the capacity of the Optima SCC4 control to an additional 6 boilers. Two Optima SCCX6 controls can be added to an Optima SCC4 control to bring the total number of boilers in the system up to 16.


  • Modulate up to 16 Prestige boilers
  • Large digital display
  • Parallel or Normal Modulation
  • Fixed set point or Outdoor reset
  • Domestic Hot Water functionality
  • Night setback
  • Outdoor cutoff
  • Multiple rotation options
  • Standby boiler
  • System output to operate a system pump or air damper
  • EMS/BMS interface

TriangleTube Zone Control Panel

Controls SZC5

The Optima Series zone control panel and control pumps or valves to control up to 10 zones


The Optima SZC5 Zone Control Panel can control up to 5 zone valves or 5 zone pumps. The Optima SZC5’s ability to control either
pumps or valves eases installation and reduces inventory. The advanced microprocessor based system includes many features, and because it is designed to work with the Prestige boiler, the SCZ5 can manage the heating and domestic calls without additional isolation relays required by other controls. The SZC5 easy-to-read 2×16 digital display makes system set-up and adjustment fast and efficient.


  • Large digital display
  • Zone pump or zone valve operation
  • Thermostat power supply
  • Expandable to 10 zones
  • Domestic Hot Water zone
  • Domestic Hot Water priority timeout
  • Domestic Hot Water priority exclusion
  • Pump run-on and exercise
  • Boiler warm-up

TriangleTube Snow Melt Control

Controls SSM

The Optima Series snow melt control manages a snow melt system without the need for a slab



The Optima SSM is a Snow Melt Control to precisely control the temperature of the water circulating through the slab by monitoring the supply and return temperatures. This information allows the Optima SSM to first bring the slab up to temperature and then to maintain the slab temperature to prevent the accumulation of snow or ice. Because the SSM monitors the temperature of the system fluid, and not the slab itself, it eliminates the high cost of an in-slab sensor.


  • No Slab sensor required
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Motorized valve control
  • Outdoor reset
  • Pump operation