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Buying a New Air Conditioner

When buying a new air conditioning unit, it is important to consider the amount of cubic space needing to be cooled, and the averagenew-air-conditionermaximum temperatures in your geography.  We recommend that you consult with our certified sales associates to choose the right model for your space and installation requirements.

Purchasing a New Furnace

During the colder months, a new furnace can be a critical lifeline for comfort and functionality in the home.  Safety is among the top concerns listed by home and business owners when making a decision on what unit to buy.  Further, a good warranty and price always rank high on the priority list.  Contact our certified sales associates for help in choosing the correct furnace for your heating needs.

Arzel Residential Zoning Systems

Many business owners choose to install zone controls for different departments on the same floor, or within the same building.  Homeowners also enjoy having zone control to split temperatures between floors when the ground floor or basement levels are naturally cooler than upstairs levels.

Ask us about a brochure for Arzel Residential Zoning Systems!

Why you need one

Zone controls can save a great deal of money, time, and frustration in spaces where demarcations require different temperature regulations.

Zoning Testimonials

“We operate a dealership in the heart of Salt Lake City, and the sales manager likes cooler temperatures, while the funding staff enjoys a warmer atmosphere.  Fortunately, Select Comfort Systems was able to provide us with zone controls to keep everyone happy and productive.”  -K. Erickson, SSLC.

“My husband is always working in the garage and turning the temperature way up throughout the house to stay warm.  With a quick phone call, I was able to get zone controls installed so that we can restore sanity to our marriage.” J. Simon, DPUT

Common Problems Accompanied By Zoning

If your zoning systems are setup properly with good ventilation and flow of air, then you shouldn’t have issues.  However, malfunctioning zone controls, and improperly vented air ducts can lead to discomfort.  Although these issues are rare, it is important to get them fixed quickly.

Flow-through Humidifier

The flLennox-humidifierow through humidifier units are unique in that they stay clean and relatively maintenance free by virtue of their design.  Our certified technicians emphasize that the value of a humidifier cannot be overstated, especially in homes with pet dander and frequent illness.  Having clean air can create an atmosphere of health that is worth every penny.


Air ducts are often ignored until they are no longer working properly.  When is the last time your ducts were vacuumed?  Does your home or place of business have any issues with air flow, or drastic temperature differences in certain areas?

Ductwork Modifications

Sometimes ductwork modifications need to be made in cases where the circulation or flow of air has been improperly channeled.  In many cases, this means making simple adjustments to change the course of the air flow, and return the environment to consistent comfort.

Air Sterilization

Air sterilization systems can be installed under circumstances where food preparation or medical needs require the air be free of germs.  For more information about these systems, please call one of our certified sales associates.

High Efficiency Filters

High efficiency air filters can block more particles than conventional filters, while not restricting the flow of air.  This factor, combined with a longer product lifespan, makes it a more efficient choice for your HVAC solutions.  These filters are also preferred because the air filtration is cleaner than with cheaper filters that need to be replaced more often.

Kool Kap

A Kool Kap protects your air conditioning unit throughout the cold season.  It keeps out leaves and debris, as well as preventing weather damage, which could potentially cause harm to the unit.  Keeping your unit running efficiently is the best way to reduce power costs and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Ceiling Saver Kit

Accidents happen and drains tend to clog up, causing water from the heater to overflow.  If your unit is in the attic, this poses a threat to your ceiling.  A ceiling saver kit is a specially designed tray with a separate drain line.  It automatically shuts down your unit in the case of a leak, preventing any possible damage and notifying you to get it fixed.

Condensate Pump

A condensate pump is used to remove the water waste and condensation that forms from high functioning air conditioners, furnaces, air conditioning evaporator coils and flow-through humidifies.

Hard Start Kit

Air conditioners work like a pump, and like any device, they will shut down if worked to hard.  A Hard Start Kit assists the air conditioner when it begins pumping and can extend the life of your compressor exponentially.

Remote Monitoring Devices

These remote devices monitor your home’s temperature all day, every day.  People who own vacation homes find this convenient, and can be more aware of abnormal temperature fluctuations.

Surge Suppressors & Lightning Arrestors

In the summer months, power companies tend to output less amounts of power, which is what we call a brown out.  Having a surge suppressor helps to minimize the amount of duress that appliances suffer when this happens.

If your home gets hit by lightning, your electrical equipment could suffer serious damage.   Lightning arrestors can easily be attached to your breaker box and ultimately protect your air conditioner, refrigerator, computer, washer, dryer, and other appliances.

Protecting Your Compressor- Time Delay Relay

Constant adjustments to thermostats can cause them to die or wear out faster than they should.  A time delay makes it so that the system doesn’t turn on until 3-5 minutes after the adjustment is made.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide can prove to be deadly if permeating your home.  Carbon Monoxide Detectors alert families to the dangers.  Healthy homes should normally have one on every level, including one next to their heating unit.

Low Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor

This advanced carbon monoxide detectors make home owners aware of dangerous levels before even the detectors kick on.  The National Safety Institute Model 1300 has electrochemical sensory capabilities that are unmatched and provide peace of mind for anybody occupying the residence.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that 16,000 fires are started every year from plugged dryer vents?  The accumulation of material and lint builds up until the heat causes it to ignite.  Regular cleanings will help to prevent these incidents.

Additional Return Air Runs

Adding additional runs onto your unit allows for better air supply, resulting in a more comfortable airflow for your family.  It also results in quieter functioning equipment, longer equipment life, fewer repairs, and lower utility bills.

Attic Ventilator

Attics can become surprisingly hot during the summer.  An attic ventilator pushes the hot air out and fluctuates in the cold air.  This cools down the overall temperature of your home faster, causing you to save more money.

Digital Setback Thermostat

SERtm-static pressure test
This allows you to set specific times on your thermostat.  It keeps the temperature comfortable during the time you are at home and reduces the energy needed when you aren’t.  It can be set on a 5+2 or seven day configuration, allowing you to have comfortable temperatures throughout the week, but only when you need them.

Low Flow Shower Heads

This allows you to save water while you shower.  Installing one of these shower heads allows you to save up to 50 gallons during a ten minute shower.  Or you can take a shallow bath, which uses less water than the 10 minute shower.

Plumbing Maintenance

Regular attention to our fixtures means they will less likely need to be replaced.  Your plumbing will last longer if regularly maintenanced.  Some companies provide packages that offer affordable discounts for preventative check ups.