Air Duct Cleaning and Repair in Salt Lake City, UT

//Air Duct Cleaning and Repair in Salt Lake City, UT
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Save Money and Stay Healthy with Select Comfort Air Duct Services

One of the most common reasons for poor health and air quality in your home is a contaminated air duct system. Furthermore, broken or damaged air ducts can inhibit system performance. That’s why you need an HVAC services company that knows the complexity of your home’s unique ductwork setup, and can get it cleaned or fixed right away.

Select Comfort Systems offers the most comprehensive indoor air quality services for the benefit of your home, health and energy savings.

Air Duct Cleaning

Dirt, bacteria and particles build up in your air ducts. Even though they’re hidden from view they can cause indoor air quality problems, illnesses, and breathing problems. Select Comfort Systems’ experts can clean your air ducts and get you breathing easy again! We’ll also be able to install filters and adjust fan speeds for maximum performance!

Air Duct Repair

Our experienced technicians can provide a complete assessment of your ductwork, and identify any issues that may be hindering your air quality or climate control performance. We can repair damage, straighten your ducts for maximum airflow and seal joints.

Is your home experiencing the healthiest and most budget-friendly performance possible? When you need unparalleled air duct cleaning, maintenance, installation or repair, contact us online or call (801) 969-7088 today!

Why Choose Us

Select Comfort’s HVAC experts are some of the most successful and experienced technicians around Salt Lake. When you schedule air duct service from Select Comfort, you’ll be able to experience the benefit of:

  • Complete particle and contaminant removal
  • Filter and part replacement
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Increased utility savings
  • Tips and Advice for Optimum Performance
  • Peace of Mind from a Healthier Home Environment!


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