Air Conditioning Service in Salt Lake City, UT

//Air Conditioning Service in Salt Lake City, UT
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How does air conditioning work?

Air conditioners work similar to a refrigerator. They use a chemical that can easily switch from a gas to liquid and back again. The chemical goes through a


compressor that, as it’s name suggests, squeezes the gas into a fluid. The fluid is then pushed into a condenser that cools the fluid. The fluid is then sent through an evaporator that causes the pressure to drop turning it back into a gas form. There is a fan connected to the evaporator that circulates the cooler air into the building.

What are the Types of Air Conditioners?

Central, Packaged, Window, and Split are the most common types of air conditioners. Central air is used to when cooling houses or large buildings. This is the most commonly used on new homes being built. Packaged air is used to cool one or two rooms or spaces. Window and split are used to cool one, maybe two, rooms. Split air can be more aesthetic than a window mounted system and also take up less space.

Why is my air conditioner not working?

This depends completely on what type of air conditioner you have and what is not working correctly. Low refrigerant or a refrigerant leak is one common problem. Signs of this are higher costs of operation and/or not able to cool as temperatures rise. Other possible issues can be in the electrical part of the system. Controls or sensors can wear out and terminals can be corroded. It always best to have a system checked by a certified professional as quickly as possible. This can save money from extra operating costs and by preventing even more damage.

How much should a new air conditioner cost?

This completely depends on the size of the unit and the brand chosen. Getting a new unit and having it installed can range from $2,500 to $10,000. Some stats show that the average to replace an ac unit is about $5,000. If you are getting a new air conditioner make sure to get estimates (they should be free) in writing and also look into tax incentives or rebates that can drastically lower the price.

Why is HVAC maintenance important?

Your HVAC system has a lot of moving parts that, similar to a car, need routine maintenance to keep operating properly. There are many benefits to performing routine maintenance. It will keep your system running at optimum efficiency. It also keeps the air in your house clean, extends the life of the system, and reduces unexpected repairs. These things can save you money and keep you healthier.

When should you replace a water heater?

When a water heater goes out there are some guidelines to follow when deciding if you should replace or repair it. Water heaters are pretty basic so that makes them easy to determine what the problem is. This can also make it inexpensive to repair. If the unit is 10 years old or older it might be best to look at replacing it. Also, if the tank is leaking then it’s best to look at a new water heater.