UV Light HVAC Cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT

/UV Light HVAC Cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT
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The Latest Technology at an Affordable Price

Your home’s duct system needs to be cleaned regularly. But did you know that most systems have more than just dust passing through them? Things like bacteria, mold and other microscopic organisms can contaminate your air. They pass through traps that are designed to only capture dust. That’s why a full sweep of your system is incomplete without A UV light for HVAC cleaning.

A UV Light addressing these contaminants, ensuring that you avoid the ill effects of allergies, sinus problems and airborne bacteria.

The Power of UV Light

When your home air quality testing results show any level of microscopic particles in your duct and HVAC system, a ultraviolet light will ensure a complete sterilization of your home’s air. UV lights in your HVAC system will provide:

  • Healthier and higher quality air in your system and home
  • Easily installed and maintained lighting equipment
  • A low operation cost with reduced energy consumption
  • Added protection from microscopic organisms
  • Increased comfort and peace of mind through every season

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Don’t just settle for a routine HVAC system cleaning that only lasts a few months. Call on Select Comfort Systems to make sure that all contaminant particles are gone for good! For the latest technology and most experienced technicians, contact Select Comfort Systems online or call (801) 969-7088 today!

Why Choose Us

Select Comfort’s air sterilization will give you an experience you won’t forget, remove odors and pollutants and providing savings and health benefits. On any job, you can always expect:

  • On time and reliable service
  • The latest air purification tools and technology
  • A clean and safe work environment
  • Maximum energy efficiency and utility savings
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction!
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